How many times do you lie in your bed
Thinking, just thinking,
Thinking about a lost dear one,
A lost friend,
A lost friendship,
A lost love…
How many times do you do that,
And question yourself,
For why,
Why me, why my friend, why the one I loved
And the only answer you get is
In the silent dark room.
In the darkness lies uncertainty, pain, torment, anger, frustration,
sadness, loneliness;
An urge to scream out loud,
An urge to erase every bad memory you can go back to,
An urge to re-live the beautiful moments,
An urge to imagine your world, your life, your way,
An urge to wait for life to surprise you.
But you just sit there,
All calm on the outside,
Like the calmness of your dark room,
But inside of you
There is just commotion,
A tornado of emotions,
In which your life is stuck,
And nothing seems to be going the right way.
But why?!
Ever wondered why,
Why do we experience this havoc,
Why question our past,
Why look forward in uncertainty,
Why not try to see the bright sunlight
That comes after every storm
Clearing out all uncertainties
And everything seems bright then.
All you have to do is,
Get through the storm
And to get through it
You just have to tell your heart-
“why cry, oh dear heart; the world will show you worse, break you even more, but one day all this will be gone; laugh will you can, because sadness can be dealt with later on.


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