Overpriced Fish Market

In a class full of 50, there is a teacher who teaches
Depressed of her life, low on salary, she sees no help that reaches
Completely taking out her frustration through manipulation she asks us not to speak
Ironic, when some expect us to be the leaders
The leader here asks us to shush
The syllabus is so much, and the exams are near, she herself makes us rush
Slowly killing our creativity, she asks us to write in books neatly
What she couldn’t know is that actions speak louder than words
And while she sees organisms, we see birds
But I guess it’s just too late to keep your hopes high
Since the rays of happiness are not in sight
The teacher sighs and the child guesses walking by,
That the kid in her has almost died
When she was asked to give up the paint brush and to choose a life
Soon, much to everyone’s surprise, the chapter was over and we kept on asking why
The logics, the reasoning behind every war
Her hands went numb and her tongue went sour
The system teaches them what, not how
She didn’t have any hope, but now
She relived her fears and she knew the hard truth
But she kept shut like everyone should
And wondered
The kids were too young to know the reality
Let them enjoy in their world full of fantasy
Where the rivers are not of blood and the days are sunny
Not one of those places where everything runs on money
She took a deep breath and pointed towards the clock
Each of her student was in deep shock
She never left early but today was different
Maybe they hurt her, that is not what they meant
In the pool of anxiety, she took a deep dive

A creative kid is the one who survived…

– Brain



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