What is peace? Why is it allocated with a color or a bird? To attain peace why do we need a quiet, empty isolation, or sleep, coffee, rain and ocean? Why do we need to go to the mountains high above in search of peace or smoke up and call it a peaceful trip? Is peace truly a thing that one can acquire or should achieve?

Peace cannot be gained, it is an experience. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and think of your happy place, don’t just think about it, get transported there, stop thinking for a moment and experience that place, that space; you will automatically feel peaceful within. Thousand pleadings and wishful thinking would not get you to be at peace for within it will be just “want” and not “have”. Wanting a thing would make you work for it to achieve it but to have it, you might as well create it. Peace is created and is experienced when you will feel it within and not be able to express it. The feelings that cannot be expressed are the truest of all, when empty minded, mind it – empty minded, not idle minded; you will find clarity and that will put you at peace. To experience peace you will find yourself cleaning the clatter within you. Hiding out in mountains with no disturbance will leave only you, in an isolated silence which sure is tempting but is temporary and impractical. To go to the mountains is worthy for its picturesque view, to be floating in the clouds, having to take the direly needed break for your wanderlust heart, but to find peace is not.

We spend millions and billions of dollars on wars in order to attain “world peace”, every beauty pageant contestant has the ideal dream of world peace, but not knowing the path to peace, you cannot aim to wish for world peace. Joy and happiness when shared are doubled and sadness is halved; on the same lines, peace is contagious, it attracts you to a peaceful person like a moth to the flame and spreads the aura to those around.

So go on take a dive, not in the ocean but within yourself and explore, experience peace for self, for aiming at world peace would not help unless one is at peace within one’s self. If each one finds peace within, no one would need to work for “World Peace”.


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