Stopped where I was, my life was moving
But suddenly it was given a pause
Near and far, I looked everywhere
But I saw not a single thing, no one anywhere
The mind stopped at point black, it was a dead end, 
Everything happened so quick, I couldn’t comprehend 
Instead of fighting, I came at peace
Instead of resisting, I let it seize
Days, weeks, and years it had been
I did everything right yet I was a living sin 
No solution for it I could find
Inside a dark cube was my mind
Till date, I am who I was
With body moving but the mind still at pause
About my problem, I didn’t know much
But it was my first time experiencing anything as such
Till date I am clueless
With the cluster of my thoughts being a mess
Hopeless, helpless is what they called

But what I see it as a 



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