The blazing yolk

Trying my hand at writing a short story, being inspired by the term “Yellow”. This is my take on what the mind when wanders, thinks…

Sitting in my Hotrod with my helmet on, I see the track eventually clearing. Looking inside the car across, a navy blue BMW with a custom engine and exhaust, I see my opponent; with his neon green helmet on and eyes on the road. I start my car returning my gaze on the road and the voices in my head get suppressed under my grunting petrol engine. Sitting in my car, I recall everything I had to leave to get here and now was the time to make it all worth, to earn my name living my dream.
I looked at the signal and it was still red, only about time that it turned yellow and thoughts of how I had to leave my college floated in… They had wanted me to be an engineer but not practice my creativity; staying in a room and studying about the engine seemed pointless when I couldn’t hear it roar or smell the engine oil. Not being fond of the smell of the books, I left college to work and live in a garage even if it meant for me to buff up the cars.
As the second light turned yellow my thoughts went back to my mother, she supported me and saw a spark in my eyes but living with my abusive stepfather she had to stay hush. I’d never forget what she said to me before leaving us forever “I couldn’t live my dreams, but you should, even if it puts your life at risk. A risky life is better than no life at all.”
The light turned yellow for the last time and I knew the moment it would turn green my emotions will stop and my whole body will drown in an adrenaline rush. With my mind wandering in search of my girl’s memories I hear the screeching tires and then the green glare blurred out my girl’s face, looking at the track again I pushed the peddle to the metal…



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