Through the cracks of the heart

Life is a walk, and we have various experiences; some of which leave you speechless and spellbound. The most beautiful experiences are the ones you have in the form of other people. Yes, there are people out there who not only make you feel special, amazing or grand but are an experience in their own way. Their simply being is an experience of a kind inexpressible. Walking down the road you come across simple beings, with no masks or any hidden agendas, they are of simple and the purest kind. Walking with them, leaving footprints beside them, in snow and hail, you get to experience that they bring the sunshine with them. After every hailstorm on a cloudy day, having them beside you makes it all fine again. They are not your saviors or guardian angels, they simply just are. They show you how to be you, by just simply being. They do not show you a mirror or make you crawl out of your shell, it all happens on its own, but happens. You see yourself how you are supposed to; they help you get that nudge that you so needed and make sure that you see the sky full of stars that have been above your head for so long. They are like those first time experiences, like first bike ride for someone who has lived with the fear of falling off, the first brain freeze, and the first swing ride. You get the rush of exhilaration with them that stays forever, and not just for fleeting moments. To love them and fall in love with them is easy, not easy in the way to jump in the ocean of love, drunk and drenched, but to experience every season at its most pleasant peak. Do not lose people like that, they are the purest and precious beings.
In the name of love, being drunk on the idea of falling for someone, we run around like headless chickens in search of these beautiful sunsets of people only to end up falling for the first crashing wave or just plain vanilla ice cream. Do not fall prey to infatuation or lust thinking it to be love. Romantic love is a mix of love, lust, jealousy and ego; whereas love for an experience is pure, so is the love for these people, being your personal experience. I guess that’s what people call to be their soul mates.
So set out, put yourself out to be someone’s personal beach and welcome people in your life or just let them be the spring breeze flowing through your hair relieving you of the freeze. Accept them how they are and be there how you are, to experience love how it is meant to be, in all its purity.

– Heart


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