The black umbrella

Wondering and wandering, to think we are all grieving, each one of us, every individual, holding onto the mistakes of past and crying rivers over it still, maybe smiling on the outside but screaming on the inside we are all damaged somehow; who is to say to what decree. We may look different, act different, speak different but our stories come down to being the same; saddened by the package of past memories, we over think and cry ourselves to sleep. With every nightfall, the same stories fall out, every night turns to dawn with the same thoughts, we think sleep will help but when it’s the soul that is tired, sleep won’t do any good. 

During the day we crave for a dark lonely corner to hide in and during the night we crave for some love and warmth of cuddles. But how come all of us are sad? How come nothing is working out for no one? At all? And how come we are all helpless yet none of us is helping? How are we ignoring the solution that is staring us right in to our faces? 

While we are hell bound to prove who is living a sadder life, we focus on competition instead of comfort; we look for shoulders to cry on and arms to rest in, but rarely offer the same to those, craving. What if we become someone’s solace and in turn be a part in the beautiful barter of emotions? What if we strongly open up to our sadness and own it instead of working on it to share the same and spread around?

Maybe that is our solution; while loving others, we find what we love.

We find the reason for which we crave the meaning of our existence.

Maybe that will put an end to the quote – “everything happens for a reason”


– Brain


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