uJune 7, 2017

The First Date

Dear Diary,

Knowing her for 22 years,
Going through every phase with her-
The troubled teens
And trotting toddler;
Coming to the age of early adulthood
I finally gathered up the courage
To take her out on a proper planned date.
Picking her up from her home,
Dressed in my best as she likes
I travel with her to her favourite place in the city known.
Sitting out by the roadside
I talk and catch up
Ignoring phone calls and texts
To enjoy the time uninterrupted.
Walking in the sun but with wind in hair
The city had never felt so different or new
It was the same old favourite place
But oh how the time flew.
Walking to a new café
Sitting on a cosy table for two
I let her catch up on her new book
While the order placed gets cooked.
Eating and reaching for the soda drink
Enjoying the quaint of the café
Gave peace to the mind direly needed.

My fears slowly slipping
With each bite and sip
Between finishing the meal and proceeding out
I wonder what was I even freakin’ out about
Having the time of my life
Gazing at the pretty things around
Smiling at myself I cross a mirror
To catch it reflecting my smiling date.
I fix my hair and then head out to catch the movie;
“Ticket for one, please”
I say and take my date inside the hall
Getting comfy and cosy
I see around me an empty hall.
Cherishing every quiet moment
As the movie starts to play out
I wonder yet again what had me always dreading
About this dating.


A date with self ended so ever happily
Sadly not the same can be said for the movie.
From clearing my mind
To enjoying my own company
This has been the best first date that I’ve ever been.


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